Shire Meadows - Quality Beef you can trust
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Shire Meadows - Quality Beef you can trust
Shire Meadows - Quality Beef you can trust

We take care to source stock only from farms that we know and trust.

Because of the systems in place your butcher knows that Shire Meadows Beef can be traced right back to the farm it came from and that animals never have to be transported over long distances – saving them from stress and reducing environmental pollution.

Many of our supply farms are small family units where animal welfare and compassion are a priority.

Long-term supply relationships, some stretching back over 20 years, are a valued part of the Shire Meadows tradition – helping to support farmers and maintain the country landscape by farming beef and producing a top quality, flavoursome product.

Shire Meadows Beef is rich in history, much like the landscape of the ‘Shire’ counties it is raised in.

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